elevate coffeeElevate Coffee in north Phoenix has just recently opened its doors. Patrick Lagreid wrote in to let me know about the new shop.

Patrick describes it like this:

It’s located opposite the Harkins Theaters on the north side of that building, 2530 West Happy Valley Road. They’re having a grand opening on Friday but are open all this week and have been doing soft opens last week.

Their website is: http://www.elevatecoffee.com

Seems like a nice place, gets their coffee from a place in Seattle, has free wi-fi, good seating options, etc. They’re still fine-tuning their coffee and baristas, but the cappucino I’m having right now isn’t half bad.

Update: It appears they have a video showcasing their shop, so here you go:

Elevate Coffee
2530 West Happy Valley Road
Phoenix, AZ 85085
Phone: (602) 341-5480

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  1. Emily

    Their website says their beans are roasted locally.. do you know where? Do they buy the green beans in Seattle and roast them here or something?

  2. Jason Calhoon

    I was wondering the same thing…

  3. Had an employee do a re-con mission and found out they may be getting their beans from Cutter Point Coffee (WA). Hopefully they’ll see a better option here locally in the future. Nonetheless, I wish them the very best and hope to visit Elevate soon~!!!

  4. Todd

    Nice! This place is less than 3 miles from my house. I may just visit it this weekend to check it out.

  5. Thanks for the nice review. Our address is 2530 West Happy Valley Road, not Deer Valley Road.

  6. Jason Calhoon

    Anyone know the equipment line up?

  7. Todd

    Visited the place tonight. Great shop! Loads of little places to sit and relax and the staff was VERY friendly. I ordered my ‘standard’ – a cappu. They asked right away if I wanted it wet or dry so they went up a couple of points. Then they asked a size. I didn’t know cappuccinos came in any size – shot of espresso, touch of milk and touch of foam. They then served my cap in a paper cup and didn’t seem to have any ‘in house’ serving options. Other than those two little issues, it was great. The espresso was excellent and the foam was perfect. Overall a great place and I’ll be back this weekend to try another drink.

  8. Tom Maegdlin

    They are new….maybe the glassware hasn’t come in yet. How was the espresso? Machine? Most importantly, was the barista wearing Keds? 🙂

  9. Todd

    Geez Tom – I forgot to add the important details. The machine was a La Marzocco and there were at least 5 baristi there. The law of averages indicates at least 2 of them were wearing Keds. And the espresso was excellent.

    Chris and I will work out a time to meet at Elevate in the next several weeks. For some reason Chris is busy for the next 17 days ;>) At that time I am sure Chris will have a great review of this place.

  10. Been here twice. It is within walking distance from my house. Very excited to have something other than Tullys, Starbucks and Circle K to choose from for coffee in the am. That is when I don’t remember to grab some beans from Press before getting off work. I enjoyed their brew…it’s all I order. Spoke with some of the baristas…nice guys with a lot of passion for coffee. I will be back…especially for their live music nights.

    Chris and Todd…drop me a line when you are going to meet up there. If I’m not working, maybe I could join you.

  11. Psyd

    Sign, check.
    Ambiance, check,
    Furniture, check; salad, check; lighting, check; pastries, check; people, check;, soda, check; logo, check.
    “Hey, Bob, did we forget anything on this COFFEE shop video?”
    “No, Jim, I think we covered all of the important things!”
    Hopefully their focus is much better once you actually get into the shop!

  12. Cathy

    I’ve been to Elevate 3 times. got my standard Americano with lots of room. I thought it was very good! Not bitter at all. The first 2 times I went it was during their grand opening, fairly busy, baristas didn’t really look that experienced, but I really liked the Americano. Best I’ve had in a long time (except for my own home-roasted beans!).

  13. Sarah

    Not impressed by the drinks, but the shop looks nice!