Let’s recap briefly: The Willow House closes after many, many years of operation and then re opens on McDowell Rd. a short time later. However, it only remained open for a little while before closing. In the meantime, the former landlord opens The Willo House in the same spot as the old Willow House. (I can’t believe I’m writing this)

So what’s new? Well, the shop in that old location has reopened (or been renamed) Hob Nobs Coffee House (yeah, seriously). Apparently it has been remodeled and looks nicer than before and they have some new baristas.

Hob Nobs Coffee House
149 W McDowell Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Anyone know the hours? I passed by Hob Nobs last night around 10:30 PM, and it appeared to be still open. Coffee Unlimited stays open ’til midnight, but it would be nice to have a place closer to Downtown with late hours.

  2. Pierce/Bear

    Interesting about this coffehouse in question during the Willo House days attracting a ‘rough’ crowd. I went there once in late 2006 and did not care for the vibe. Needless to say: I do plan to check out Hob Nobs ASAP. 🙂

  3. Phoenix Native

    Amen to Pierce/Bear’s comment. Let’s hope the new coffee shop treats *everyone* respectfully and doesn’t treat the too-normal people like second-class citizens.

  4. Coffee Lover

    I went last night, loved all the nooks and the tables with photo’s were very original. I had a latte that was ok, however it looked as if the girl there was in training, she definitely has some work to do. I didnt eat but the sandwiches look plentifull and the pastry case was full of yummy treats.I would rate this place much higher but (me personally) would prefer to sit in a quieter place with less traffic. Overall great job re-doing this place, I wish them the very best in this up and coming area!