A reader named Josh wrote to let us know about a relatively new coffee shop called La Olla Coffee Company. Josh writes: “There is one in Spectrum Mall and one in Desert Sky Mall. I have only been once so far, but they were friendly and the coffee was very good. I hope they can get listed on your page. They won a 2007 “Best of Phoenix” for their La Olla coffee drink.”

The Phoenix New Times describes it this way:

The place bills itself as a “Euro Latino Espresso Café,” and it was funny to see our lattes and cappuccinos translated into Spanish. We tried the house specialty, La Olla — sweetened espresso smothered in chocolate and accented with cinnamon. Delicious, not quite like any coffee drink we’ve had. And now we can’t wait to go back to Christown.

La Olla Coffee Company
1734 W Montebello Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85015
Phone: (602) 973-5959

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  1. La Olla also has locations at Maricopa County Hospital around 20 Street and Roosevelt. It in the main lobby just as you come in. And there is another medical plaza around 20 street and Higland. They are in there as well.

  2. Victor

    Me pregunto tan si usted tiene que ordenar en español también?