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  1. Onion News headline a few years back: Starbucks opens new Starbucks in old Starbucks’ bathroom.

  2. Lewis is delusional. *I’VE* seen the end of the universe, and it is in Tucson. Look it up.
    Starbucks, 4700 E Sunrise Dr.
    Starbucks, 4752 E Sunrise Dr.

    Same side of the street, same block, same building.
    The one inside the Safeway,m though, doesn’t have the same snotty folk that you find at your regular Starbucks. When I was stranded out that way for fourteen-fifteen hour days and half hour meal breaks, I taught three of their bari…er… PBTC to make microfoam.
    “Hi, my name is Chris, and I…”

  3. Todd

    You know what the REAL problem with Starbucks is? There are so many people who go there because the feel that Starbucks IS coffee. Starbucks is more like a Baskin Robins store than an honest coffee shop….

    The only reason I ever go to Starbucks is because, and I hate to say it, they’ve got good equipment for coffee folks – good travel mugs, good home espresso stuff, etc.

  4. I’ll give you the mugs. Their architectural series mug ws the best truck mug I ever owned. It’d hold double cappuccini, and I only ever spilled it if I drove like an idiot. Or behind an idiot…
    There are so many far better places to get your home espresso kit on…

  5. Todd

    Where? Can I find this stuff on-line?

  6. Well, Cartel has stuff, and there are a buncha online sellers; EPNW, 1st Line, Whole Latte Love, Chris Coffee Service; CoffeeGeek’s ‘Buy, Sell, Trade’ page, and there are a whole buncha folk that would be happy to let you know how they liked theirs.
    Starbucks carries only a few re-branded (read: more expensive versions of someone else’ kit) usually lower end machines, I’ve never seen a decent tamper in any *$, nor a decent steaming pitcher. O’course, I ain’t been in one in a while…
    I’d be happy to steer you to folk that’ll get you great stuff.
    Get your budget in a pile, and take the discussion off to the forum, or feel free to e-mail me.

  7. Ikea had some decent stuff when I was there yesterday including what appeared to be a sturdy pitcher. Demis and cap cups looks like good home stuff…not cafe grade by any means but way above average for home stuff.

  8. IIRC (its been a while since I made it to Ikea), they have mokapots and FP, but no ‘real’ espresso machinery. Grinders are all whirly-blades, last time I looked.