Liberty Market sent in a job posting and I am posting it here in case anyone is looking for a job.

The historic Liberty Market in downtown Gilbert is looking for experienced baristas who love and respect the craft of espresso and have working knowledge of traditional espresso machines.

Liberty Market is an urban marketplace open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a retail marketplace and traditional espresso bar. Located in the Heritage District of Gilbert, it is surrounded by history and economic growth and is the perfect place to make a lasting impression and join a dedicated and energetic team!

At the E-61 Espresso Bar, we employ the use of a FAEMA E61, three group head and offer a traditional Italian Espresso bar, focusing on hand crafted drinks in a dynamic urban market. If you want to work at an espresso bar where you can show off your skills and learn new ones, then Liberty Market is for you!

We are offering both full and part time positions with a $10 employee meal allowance, 25% employee discount, tips and are closed on most major holidays.

We are looking for energetic individuals who are able to work flexible hours, are focused on excellent customer service, have cheerful personalities and will stay true to the craft and drink quality standards. Liberty Market is built on Honesty, Integrity and Service and will hire like-minded team members.

Come in and apply, we can’t wait to meet you.

Liberty Market
230 N. Gilbert Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85234
If you have any questions please e-mail

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Ya see, not THAT’S the way to get your baristi drooling to get in the door. That Faema is like, well, like driving an ole Bugatti Grand Prix car or something. I’m almost ready to move and get a jay oh bee!

  2. No kidding……….I think I want a jayobee there too!


  3. Mitch

    OOOOHHHH me want pull shots!!!!!!

  4. Lisa

    WOW! That was a GREAT sell.
    Terrific…terrific…terrific looking forward to this opening!