Ron Cortez wrote in to let me know that Gelato Dolce Vita is hiring baristas for their opening this weekend.

Gelato Dolce Vita
2743 S. Market Street
Suite 105
Gilbert, AZ 85295
Located in the southern part of San Tan Village, near Carrabbas, Outback, T-Mobile.

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  1. Psyd

    Oh please, Great Spaghetti Monster, please let them get someone that understands that real, good gelato is so much easier than real, good espresso!
    I’ve been to a coupla places recently where the owners have imported ingredients, machinery, and training from Italy for their gelato, and it shows. Their gelato was out of this world. I’ve had Italian gelato (in Italy, and other European countries) so it brought back nice memories.
    Unfortunately, in one place, the pf’s were sitting cold on the counter, and the PBTC had no idea what he was doing with the espresso machine, and in the second, the coffee was old and stale, and the shots were thin and fast.
    If I ever find a place that makes great espresso and great gelato I’m gonna get me an old Zegna shirt, or maybe a track-suit, and hang out all day on the porch with a fatty cee-gar.