I’m extremely pleased to announce a new sponsor, Red Rock Foods.

If Red Rock Foods is new to you, I’d suggest reading my interview with them from December, when I visited their showroom in Tempe.

Thank you to Bill, Steve, and the team for supporting Arizona Coffee!

From the Red Rock Foods web site:

Red Rock Foods is Arizona’s newest, most innovative food products distributor. We specialize in beverage service products and equipment, for cafés, restaurants and the hospitality industry. We offer sauces, syrups, smoothie mixes and the other products you’ll need to stand out from the pack.

Whether you’re a national chain location, or “mom and pop” coffee shop, you’ll find an array of creative ways to extend and enhance your menu, stimulate more traffic, and generate more sales to your valued customers.

In short, we’re your partner in Improving Flavor and Profit.™

Contacting Red Rock Foods:

2011 E. Fifth St.
Suite #1
Tempe, AZ 85282
Phone: 480.557.ROCK

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Thank you Chris. We are extremely pleased to support your efforts at Arizona Coffee.

  2. Steve

    Chris thanks for all your kind words in regards to Red Rock Foods. Also, I forgive you for not buying my lunch when we were at the Jam.

  3. Welcome aboard RedRock!

    It was a pleasure having met you, Bill.