This is silly. P&G is suing Kraft because their container looks like theirs, but is only blue. Sheesh.

CINCINNATI – Consumer products maker Procter & Gamble Co. sued Kraft Foods Inc. again on Tuesday over coffee containers, saying Maxwell House Coffee has copied a Folgers package.

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  1. Jillian

    Well, if these pictures are the containers in question, then when does a square container look like a round one? I guess there are some bored lawyers looking to stir up s%&*

  2. I should say, I’m guessing these are the containers mentioned in the suite. Of course, I could be wrong, but they are both fairly new in the big scheme of things. Before this, they used the metal can.

  3. These two look exactly alike in all ways except for the color, and the shape, and the labeling.

    They are definitely both plastic and both have handles. Paint companies should sue each other because gallon buckets look alike. Or milk jugs (and those actually can be confusing regarding brands)

  4. Brandon

    They should just come out with a five gallon bucket! FRESH COFFEE FOR YEARS!!

  5. We use folgers at work. The one in the red tub. There is just no way to make it taste good. The coffee flavor always shines through.

  6. Erik

    At a Diedrich roasting seminar I learned that Folgers uses all robusta beans (no big surprise) but that they only roasts them at super hot temperatures for ONLY 2 minutes!

  7. Pierce/Bear

    Bring back coffee cans! 😀