Barista Jam at Press Coffee

The Barista Jam last Saturday was very enjoyable. A bunch of people were there from all over the state. Kudos to everybody who pitched in in some way to make it a great time.

My photos from that day are collected in a Flickr set.

I had to leave early because of another commitment, but after I left a latte art contest was held and judged by Luis Till & David Richards (click here to see a photo of the judges).

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Thanks Chris! It’s almost like I was there.

  2. Stephen

    I had a lot of fun at the jam. Kudos to Steve and Tom for putting it together. I participated in the latte art competition and was able snap
    some pics of the action. Check out my “bar jam 09” album to see more.

  3. Nice, except ain’t everyone a facebooger here.

    Got ’em up anywhere that doesn’t insist on getting a spammail address and a blood sample from me?
    I’d love to see ’em.

  4. ahem……if you don’t like exposing your private info to FB, it’s easy enough to create a Joker account complete with a Joker email address so you can accesses thing’s like Stehpen’s pictures of the jam. I had no idea there were so many folks with cameras there.

  5. Man I wish Chris would include a splling chker for us dumies, or at least an edit option.

  6. Yeah, sorry about that. Spell check is pretty difficult to implement. Just use Firefox! It underlines words in red that are spelled wrong.