Ever since the Phoenix New Times posted photos of Giant Coffee (which hasn’t officially opened yet) I’ve been wanting to get over there to see what it looked like. Today was that day.

Matt and Erenia Pool of Matt’s Big Breakfast are opening the shop. It is on 1st Street south of McDowell. The exact address is 1437 N 1st St.

I parked in the nearby CVS Pharmacy parking lot and walked over. The address on Yelp is actually incorrect and I spent 5 minutes checking out a nearby building before finding it. It’s a first floor spot and shares space with the Human Tribe Project (and an art gallery of sorts).

The building exterior (needs a bigger sign).

I’m curious about their mission… “proceeds to benefit Advocates for Latin Arts & Culture Consortium.”

Lots of seats.

More seats!

Even more seats… these ones are cool, and next to the big window by the front of the shop.

A view of the counter area, which is currently lacking a sales register and an espresso machine. Hence the reason the sign only offers drip coffee + a few other things.

Surprisingly, nobody was there when I stopped in, but the door was unlocked and the lights were on. I waited a bit but nobody showed their face. So I just snapped a few pictures and left. I can’t wait until they’re officially open… because then we can try the espresso!

Update: Matt Pool tells Arizona Coffee that it the planned opening date is December 15, 2009. Although they have missed their launch date before.

Giant Coffee
1437 N 1st St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Will

    *sigh* hopefully this one will: (a) have free, FAST wifi; (b) have lots of comfortable seating [couches?!] (c) be regularly open past 10pm; (d) have decent foodstuffs or decent places nearby.

    These things are the most-often missing for road warriors like me.

  2. The bench-style seating along the wall looks really cool. I hope its comfortable too.

    I’m really looking forward to trying out Giant when they officially open!

  3. Bill

    The “Mission” you’re wondering about was the beneficiary of the open house they did in conjunction with New Times a couple of weeks ago. Advocates for Latino Arts and Culture is a local group trying to establish a Hispanic-themed arts center to take over from Museo Chicano, which has just about dried up and blown away….

  4. Bill: Thanks for the clarification. Seeing it in that context makes sense! At first it sounds like ALL profits will be donated. But I see now it was specifically that event.

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