There’s a new coffee shop in Scottsdale that has just opened called Regroup Coffee & Bicycles. As the name suggests, it is both a bicycle shop and a coffee house.


The coffee side is exceptionally cool, and has a very clean interior, and some great equipment. Check out the Slayer Espresso machine! I’m fairly certain they’re the only group in Arizona with a Slayer.

Today was the grand opening for Regroup Coffee & Bicycles in Scottsdale! We happened to be in Old Town Scottsdale, so we checked it out!


They are serving Presta Coffee.

Check out my video on YouTube.

Getting there

It is located on Brown Ave, in Scottsdale.

Regroup Coffee & Bicycles
4227 N Brown Ave
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
(480) 648-8309

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