Tempe is really turning into a coffee epicenter. It seems there are more and more coffee shops opening in Tempe, including the just recently opened Royal Coffee Bar. Well, it actually opened last fall.

I visited recently because… coffee. And, I really loved my visit! They served me an exceptional cappuccino in a swanky, urban environment. The coffee bar is small, and has a beautiful long bar that extends almost the entire length of the shop. The bar includes seating at a beautiful wood bar where you can interact directly with your barista.

Above: Exterior view, Royal is on the first floor.

This coffee shop could be described as quiet, with a brighter, more refined atmosphere. The customers looked like well to do college students.

My cappuccino

Seating is certainly limited, but on the day I visited there were plenty of seats available. Parking, on the other hand, isn’t readily available unless you are willing to pay for it on the street, or in the nearby parking garage.

A good interior view of the shop… from the inside.

If you’re looking for the shop, it is just south of the A Mountain and Sun Devil stadium at the intersection of 5th and College.

A donut I had… really good.

Another view of my cappuccino. Good times!

Royal Coffee Bar
502 South College Avenue
Tempe, AZ 85281

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