A new coffee shop has opened in Gilbert, AZ called Stella’s Coffee House. They opened sometime in August and I only first heard about them today, after seeing a mention of their store in the newspaper.

The shop is owned by Don Motz. The shop used to be called Coffee Island, and was apparently purchased by Don and he made a series of improvements.

Stella’s Coffee House
1430 West Warner Road
Gilbert, AZ 85233
Phone: (480) 892-5656
Twitter: @StellasCoffeeAZ

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  1. Seems cool and energetic. Maybe Chris needs to put his stealth-cape on and go in there and get the real scoop (pictures of the kit and all the bloody details we so crave ar0und here).

  2. I will try to do that soon. Planning to take my new wife to dinner some time at Liberty Market, so it’s kind of in the same vicinity.

  3. I was there: a good coffee, cosy, good-natured staff!

  4. Pierce/Bear

    What strikes me about downtown Gilbert is it is [b]alive[/b] at night, at least on the weekends whereas Mesa is all but bereft of any sort of coffeehouse———and, it’s much larger.

  5. Rebekah

    I went to Stella’s twice in the past two weeks in the afternoon. There were no customers in there either of the days I went. I ordered different drinks, and they were both extremely weak and lacked flavor. I don’t think I’ll go back.

  6. jaskoo

    I was there last night and ordered cappuccino, and my comment is: I wasted $.

  7. Pierce/Bear

    And the irony is that Liberty Market’s Mochas kick tail. 🙂

  8. kevin

    Sadly has closed down in 2012