Jason Casale just started a video blog called The Coffee Enthusiast. His first review is of a Brazil Fina Monte Alegre from Cartel Coffee Lab.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. JGBell

    Permit U.S. to suggest that you find, and then review, the individual coffee machine purchased by Starbucks. To our knowledge there is only ONE (1) machine here in the valley. But, they ARE being rolled out in Starbucks, nationwide, slowly.

    The reason we suggest this is that we DID taste it, at the Batdorf & Bronson coffee roaster headquarter on the waterfront in Olyberg, WA, 98501. And, true to B&B’s words, it WAS stunning.

    Sadly, by buying the company making the machines, The Star will not sell them to anyone else. Disirregardless, even, these machines DO make an absolutely wonderful cup of coffee – not only by the individual cup, but also by individual types of coffee beans.

    Try it, you, too, will see, as in taste, it for yourself.

  2. Glad to see Jason doing what he loves the most.
    Coffee stuff. God job