avenue coffeePsyd, a loyal reader and barista from Tucson had a chance to visit Avenue Coffee the day it opened and sent in this wonderful batch of photos. Along with the photos I’ve included comments Psyd sent me.

Avenue Coffee is owned and operated by Mark and Jennifer Harrell, a husband-and-wife team from Seattle. They were recently featured in the Arizona Daily Star.

Psyd suggests that Avenue Coffee deserves a place on the “Arizona Top 10.”

If you’re in Tucson, be sure to visit! The address is 2502 N Campbell Ave.

Avenue Coffee in Tucson
Seating area.

Avenue Coffee in Tucson
Avenue Coffee has a 3-Group Synesso.

Avenue Coffee in Tucson
Grinders and menu board.

Avenue Coffee in Tucson
Psyd notes: “The first shot I had was deep, dark, rich, and chocolatey. Nice. By the time I had the Macchuccino (or whatever) the lingering chocolate almost convinced me that I shouldn’t disturb that aftertaste.

Avenue Coffee in Tucson
Psyd notes: “While I was waiting for a pound of beans, Mark was pulling shots to keep in touch with the weather. This time of year, the humidity climbs so fast while the temp drops (but not nearly enough) that even in air-conditioning the grind will change in a few minutes. He was getting shots that were starting to pull too fast, so he was tuning. When he found the sweet spot again, he passed a doppio across the counter to have me try it. It literally exploded in my whole tasting faculty, right up into my sinuses. Good acidity, bright shot like fireworks! I savored that citrus flavour all the drive home.

Avenue Coffee in Tucson
Exterior view.

Avenue Coffee in Tucson
Some shots being pulled.

Avenue Coffee in Tucson
Latte Art poured by Jennie.

Avenue Coffee in Tucson
Interior seating area.

Thanks Psyd for sharing!

Avenue Coffee
2502 N Campbell Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85716
Phone: (520) 225-0437
Twitter: @avenuecoffee

Arizona Coffee

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  1. The ‘macchuccino (or whatever)’ comment was ti indicate that this drink was somewhere between a macchiatto and a cappuccino, and wasn’t on the menu. They have been very willing to build my drinks to whatever I feel like having, regardless, though, and this was me requesting something smaller than a cappuccino, but a bit more milk than a macchiatto.

  2. Nice shop. I will visit soon. Are they using any local Tucson roaster?

  3. Thanks Psyd! Glad you liked it. Come back soon..the shots are on me.

  4. Brian Clemens

    Myself and another PHX barista, Samuel visited Avenue this past week and were VERY impressed! Thank you Mark and Jenny for the awesome experience and coffee. We wish you the best and will come visit again soon. Chris – I need to send you some more pics to add to this post.

  5. Brian, it was a pleasure having you guys. Come back down this way soon and you can play on the Synesso some more.

  6. Mike Moran

    Yes this place is great! Could use a few big tables but overall the Tucson Comic Sketchgroup has a new hangout(RIP Coffee Vein!)!

  7. Y’all Phoenicians making the trek down here have to let some of us know when you’re arriving. We’d be glad to meet up with you at a shop.
    And “Play on the Synesso”? I was feeling rather special that Jenny let me pour my microfoam (a very lame attempt at a swan that looked like an amazing dissolving pidgeon)!

  8. Caffe Luce is an awesome roaster. I am glad that you guys selected a local roaster, specially in a community such as Tucson. I will definetively be by next weekend.