In what appears to be a never ending string of bad fortune for The Willow House, they have been shut down by their landlord (for unpaid rent according to an employee).


  1. Willow House decides to move to a new location downtown. Story goes that the landlord isn’t keeping up the building maintenance.
  2. After a few months the previous landlord opens a new coffee house named “Willo House” (note the missing ‘w’) in the same building.
  3. Now: The new Willow House is closed due to a dispute and non payment of rent.

For the complete details, visit Chow Bella who has the full scoop.

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  1. Pierce/Bear

    Harsh to say:

    After reading about the evident ‘vibe’ at the WilloW House; I would be hesitant to go there myself……….it sounds way too rough around the edges for me———and, I look like a stereotypical treehugger/redneck.

  2. Phoenix Native

    Willow House is so [expletive] overrated I’m sick of hearing about the place and oh, how legendary it’s supposed to be. The staff’s cool, but most of their customers are flakes. And rude. Very rude. I’ve felt unwelcome and out of place there because the other customers ostracize anyone who looks too “normal” (i.e., no earrings, no tattoos, not decked out in Subhumans t-shirts and Doc Martens.) It’s time for people to stop living in the past and move forward. It’s so depressing to hear talk people about the place like how seniors in hospice or a retirement home wax nostalgic about the Brooklyn Dodgers. That’s what it sounds like. Seriously. The Willow House ‘era’ of AZ coffee houses is over. Get over it. Move on. Please.

  3. Pierce/Bear

    Phoenix Native touched on an important point there…………..

    In 2006 I visited two coffeehouses near Joshua Tree, Ca. One was the Crossroads Cafe (definite counterculture vibe) and the other was the Water Canyon Coffeehouse. Despite my looking something like a 1960’s throwback; I was definitely more comfortable in the latter business——-despite is more ‘conservative’ vibe.