There’s a coffee shop in New York City called The Pulp & The Bean that is selling a 10-shot espresso drink. It’s really just a marketing stunt, if you want my opinion, but hey… it’s an interesting idea! You can see a photo of the shop owner, and read about it in the NY Daily News. My favorite quote from the owner is his comment that he won’t serve it to anyone over 40! “I won’t sell it to anybody in their 40s and up,” Fisher said. “I’ll just tell them I can offer an alternative.”

Thanks to Stephen (AZBarista) for the tip!

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Surely that doesn’t taste good..

  2. Psyd

    Prolly came about just getting sick and tired of touristi looking dumbfounded at him and asking ‘Where is the rest?’ when presented with a two ounce drink after ordering an espresso.

  3. Todd

    That’s just how I like my coffee – large and in charge! I’d actually be willing to try it just to add it to my ‘been there, done that’ list – right next to bungee jumping, sky diving, and getting married.

  4. David

    There was once a small coffee shop inside the DeVry Phoenix campus called “Wired,” which had a running record of the amount of shots that were served in a single drink. One guy had a record of 8 for a while, until some other guy broke that record with 11.