In another random article from the newspaper, we have a “list of 8 cool coffeehouses:”

  • The Willow House
  • Jolta Java
  • Lux Coffee
  • Areopagus Coffee
  • The Village Coffee Roastery
  • Cave Creek Coffee Company
  • Copper Star Coffee
  • Cupz Coffee
Arizona Coffee

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  1. I love random lists like this. Were I to make a “cool” list of my own, I would have some of those on there, but would add “The Coffee Shop” out in Gilbert.

  2. Good idea Jeff. Why don’t we make an Arizona- Coffee “cool” list and document the coolest and coffee shops in town. I think that is there going to be a list of coffeehouses, the people in this blogg are the right type of jury. I am sure that we can agree on the criteria.

  3. Sean

    Having an AZ coffee site dedicated to “indies” is cool. Nice props to all of the coffee houses in town featured here. At least the AZ republic is good to our industry.