Next on the Tempe Coffee Shop Circuit was Bunna Coffee.

Bunna Coffee in Tempe

Bunna has been open just shy of 2 years now and I’m afraid to say this is my first visit. The coffee shop is in a cozy little strip mall on the NW corner of Elliot & Rural. Bunna serves an almost exclusive organic menu. Their web site claims that 95% of their items are organic.

Bunna Coffee in Tempe

The coffee shop is small and only has table seating — no couches. I think it’s a wise choice considering the small space available.

Bunna Coffee in Tempe

Now to the coffee. I ordered a macchiato, which is two shots of espresso marked with foam. I have to be honest, it wasn’t the best. The espresso was under extracted and was very strong. The color in my photo was impacted by the tough florescent lights. I’ll be going back soon and will order a few more drinks to get a better sample.

Bunna Coffee
NW corner of Elliot and Rural in south Tempe.
7520 S. Rural Rd. Suite #12
Tempe, AZ. 85283
Phone: 480-377-2886

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  1. I’ve had mostly good luck at Bunna, but it can depend on who is behind the counter. If I go in the morning I’ll grab a tasty, fruity croissant at Pleaissant Croissant in the same mall and chill for a bit.

    If I want pure best espresso in the area I’ll go to Seattle Espresso a few miles away.

  2. azbarista

    Unfortunately, the closest Seattle closed a year or so back.

    Although, it’s worth the drive to Warner/McClintock and/or I-10 and Ray.