Wow, I’m good with titles. This coffee shop is in Surprise. Get it?

The Bad Ass Coffee Company of Hawaii Inc., based in Salt Lake City, has more than 50 locations scattered throughout the country and in places like Japan and the Virgin Islands. Surprise’s outlet, located at Reems and Greenway roads, is now under construction and expected to open in December with a range of coffees, smoothies and snacks with a Hawaiian flair.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Nikki

    I am thrilled!!! Bad Ass Coffee is wonderful!!! So happy I will not have rely on UPS to bring me my java fix any more!!!

  2. Also, this is being discussed at 9 pm Friday on KTAR 92.3FM.

  3. Pierce/Bear

    In Oatman, Az. ‘Bad Ass Coffee’ would be fitting due to the huge donkey population there. 😀

  4. Good with titles indeed Mr. Tingom. 🙂

  5. Dave

    “Bad Ass” is a reference to tough mules that would haul coffee down the mountains in Hawaii.

    It sounds vulgar, but it’s not intended to be, and it is a genuine term in the region.