The Phoenix New Times has interviewed Lisa Dowd, the owner and head barista at A Shot of Java. Here is a quote from the interview.

CB: Tell us the truth. If you’re craving coffee and you’re driving along the road and see a Starbucks, will you stop there?
LD: No, absolutely not. Never.

Read the interview at Chow Bella.

A Shot of Java
7003 N. 58th Ave
Glendale AZ, 85301

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Tell us the truth; you’re driving down the road and you’re craving a nice meal, and you see a ‘Del Taco’, will you stop there?
    Sure! There’s a small chance that they can give me directions to a place where I can get food!
    I still don’t understand how, in Arizona, with some of the best Mexican food in the world, that isn’t in Mexico, how a place that puts tartar sauce on their fish tacos can survive.
    I guess if the Green Monster can convert to canned coffee and still get fourbucks for a glass of hot tainted milk, they figured that some idiots will buy anything! ; >

  2. Pierce/Bear

    What is a Starbucks? I have not set foot in one for over 2 years now.