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  1. Jc

    It angers me!!!

  2. hb

    WOW. . . I wonder what’s going to happen to smaller shops that use clover. I guess SB is getting desperate and is trying to crush the small business.
    Searching online more about it. . .

  3. Just a minute ago I was reading in that Starbucks “acquired” the Clover company and my eyes were bulging out. With any luck, the old owners will take that money and do some more small-business (?) innovating. With more luck, Starbucks will be able to get more Clovers out and in use.

    I suppose the dangerous side is that Clovers will become a regular Starbucks feature, giving consumers one more excuse to stop into massive-chain-coffee.

  4. Fred

    So does this mean that there may be Clover coffee in PHX soon? I’ve been spoiled on Clover coffee in the Pacific northwest and can’t wait for the chance to drink it down here too.

  5. I would have to believe that Starbucks will not put a Clover in every location. A Clover is more similar to a French Press or other alternative to brewing.

    That is not for everyone. I think it will take some time for that to really catch on with a generalized customer base like what Starbucks has.

    Keep in mind that Ritual Coffee (a family of Stumptown) had their Clovers on the counters for a long time before they ever “went live” with them.

    Clover is great but it cannot make bad coffee good.

  6. There has been a Clover in operation in the PHX area at a local roastery and cafe least a couple of months now. C’mon people, get with the program.

  7. Fred

    >Larry said:
    >There has been a Clover in operation in the PHX area at a local roastery
    >and cafe least a couple of months now. C’mon people, get with the program.

    That’s good news, but which cafe? The “Find a Clover” page still shows nothing for AZ.

  8. Why fear Starbucks. Lets get better at there own game. A clover uses the same technology as a french press (it just look cooler). Besides Steve’s espresso how many coffee shops promote a french press? The angle of perception could be exploited by the independent very easy, put a french press in every countertop and give out a sample. If the coffee is relatively fresh the smell alone will sell the product.

  9. There are (or were) several Clovers in operation around town. Not in the coffee scene, but in white tablecloth restaurants.

  10. Jc

    cartel coffee lab off of mill has a clover! and what restaurants have clovers???

  11. Sean

    Ground Control features french press. We never drip it. Our customers have really started to appreciate black coffee as an alterantive to a lot of hot milk and some espresso. Would love to own clover but the cost was far to prohibative. Wonder if SB is going to sell to little guys or keep it for themselves…

  12. Maybe Clover was too busy selling out to update their Find a Clover service? Regardless, it said nil about AZ a few weeks ago.

    I’d say Clover’s much better than french press, because it uses a finer grind, which makes for a more even extraction on a larger percentage of the coffee mass.

  13. Yo Michael. I agree about Clover being better than French Press. However, have you tried French press with a finer ground? Just wondering and happy Easter.

  14. FYI. Ritual Coffee is not really associated with Stumptown these days. (other than the fact that I personally really love Hairbender and am jealous of all their awesome gear). I was at Clover yesterday. I’ve used the Clover for about a year now and have brewed maybe a thousand or two cups. The machine itself is really amazing. The amount of time, money and technology put into the development of the machine is pretty staggering. I think most of the companies out there would love to spend a fortune on R and D. There just isn’t much of a market for it. The “state of the art” is just too cost prohibitive for most of us to access. Launching a completely new product from scratch, digging up the money, and forming a new company takes serious vision (and cajones). Kudos to Clover. Having had the chance to dissect a few clovers I can tell you the product itself is really ahead of its time. Truly overbuilt inside and out. Congrats Zander and crew. It looks like they’re are getting a return on the brilliant product they developed.

  15. I dunno, Starbuck’s has a habit of not sharing, and doing what it takes to crush the competition. If you read what Howard has written, it’s fairly obvious that the shareholders, not the customers, are his primary concern. Something tells me that you’ll be lucky to get any support for your Clover that you’re contractually obligated to get, and anything that isn’t in writing, yer skrood.
    I wouldn’t put it past ole Howie to have purchased the company only to shelve the Clover. He’ll do whichever makes him more money, in the end, and nothing more.
    “”We are not in the business of selling coffee…”
    Howard Schultz, Feb 3rd, 2007
    CEO, Starbucks
    Addressing the Levin Institute
    Bloomberg Headquarters, NY, NY