In 2006 I prepared a list of coffee chains in Arizona. Defining a coffee chain is difficult. Is it two shops? Three, or more? I chose two since that increases the list significantly.

For a grand total of 426. If you know of any chains I may have missed, or have other corrections, please leave a comment or send me a note.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. I would define a chain differently than just more than one shop. I would define a chain as any place that has multiple owners for one name (a franchisee) or shops by the same name that are not under the control of the person responsible for the original shop’s inception.
    ‘Chain’ denotes, to me, the concept that it is a selling of the name to proliferate, not an expanding of the original to handle the overflow, or to satisfy requests for a new location. If Jason were to sell me a machine, a bean delivery contract, and the use of the name ‘Cartel Coffee Labs’, it’d be a chain. If he opened a new shop in Tucson and hired me to run it, it’d be multiple locations of the same shop.

  2. I just updated it to include 4 Dutch Bros. locations. Apparently they are all independently owned.

  3. Jerrid

    You forgot Seattle Espresso ( They have 3 locations in the East Valley.

  4. How would you define Coffee Rush? Two stores, soon (2011 or so) three.

  5. Jeff, oh right… coffee rush. Forgot about them. I’ll add them to this list.

  6. I’m late, but I would personally have to include Dunkin Donuts on this list. They’ve got Dunkin Donuts brand coffee on the shelves in super markets, and they sell a LOT of coffee. Far more than McDonald’s, and nearly as much as Starbucks nationwide.

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