We had 9 people competing in Thursday’s latte art contest at Press Coffee. Thanks to everybody who came out. There were about 30 people in attendance.

The winners…

  1. Joseph (85 points)
  2. Alan (80 points)
  3. John (79 points)
  4. Natasha (75 points)
  5. Jason (75 points
  6. Steve (72 points)
  7. Samuel (67 points)
  8. Teresa (57 points)
  9. Jen (52 points)

Photo: First prize winner Joseph Mains (of Cartel Coffee Lab).

First prize winner received $31 (70% of the pot) and a Bodum 3 Cup French Press (contributed by Arizona Coffee). Second prize earned $14 (30% of the pot). Thank you to Press Coffee Food and Wine for hosting the event and to Ground Control Coffee for co-sponsoring along with Arizona Coffee. Special thank you to Todd Welfelt who helped me judge the contest. Couldn’t have done it without you.

I had a really, really good time and I thank everyone who participated. We have a really great coffee community in Arizona and I can’t wait until we can do this again. A mega-post with more photos and video is coming soon (probably this weekend).

Arizona Coffee

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  1. ovenroasted

    Congrats to everyone! I’ve spoken to Joseph before at Cartel very nice guy! He is truly passionate about coffee and he even let me taste the clover and they were already cleaning it for the day! cheers!

  2. Great people, great coffee, and great atmosphere what else can a guy need? Another competition!!!

    – Alan

  3. Did anybody take photos of the latte art? I would love to see it! 🙂

  4. Todd

    Thanks to everyone who came to compete or to help cheer the competitors on. I had a lot of fun and I look forward to the next one. Shoot – I might even compete myself in one of these!

    Dinah – to answer your questions, both Chris and I took loads of pictures and we will be posting them here sometime in the next few days. There were some incredible examples of art and I am sure everyone will enjoy seeing the examples.