This Saturday there is a Latte Art Throwdown at Phoenix Cooks. If you are a serious barista in the valley, or the state, you will want to check it out!

For more information, visit:

When: Saturday September 4th 9am-3pm
Where: Phoenix Cooks, held at J.W. Marriott Desert Ridge
Cost: $30 entry – Includes 2 tickets into the Phoenix Cooks event ($150 value) MUST COMPETE!
More details: Phoenix Cooks is an annual event showcasing the talent of great local chefs. There will be great food, classes, the latte art throw down, and much drinking. The $30 entry fee is ONLY for those competing. $30 fee will get you 2 tickets into the event, and you must compete.

After Party at Press Coffee

When: Saturday September 4th RIGHT AFTER Phoenix Cooks
Where: Press Coffee – Across the street from J.W. Marriott/PHX Cooks Event
Cost: Food/drink for purchase
More details: Steve from Press is holding a get together for the coffee community after Phoenix Cooks. Probably lots of coffee too be consumed! Will be a great time for building into the coffee community.

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  1. Pierce/Bear

    My G/F and I were spectators at the Throwdown earlier today 🙂

  2. A BIG BIG SHOUT OUT to all the barista’s that competed this weekend at Phoenix Cooks congrats Ashly! ! Thanks to Phoenix Cooks for putting up such a beautiful stage!!!! Thank you Brian Clemens, Liberty Markets, 25 Degrees, Cartel Coffee and Dan Suh for your generous donations!!!! Great event and great turnout!!!

  3. psyd

    Three days, fifty bands/music acts, coupla beers, rescued two ex-girlfriends, and (after twenty five years in the entertainment business) had my singing debut. At least on stage…
    Or I woulda been there.
    Stories? Pics? Anything? Bueller?

  4. We’ll have pics with details soon!