I just received an email from someone named Darrin who wrote the following:

Lux had access through their wireless network but it was never intended for public use. They have since secured there network and do not give out the Wep password. No access there anymore.

They still have a great cup of coffee and the location on Central just north of Indian School is great.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. This is an interesting thread. I have met the owner and have had some of our friends and employees go there and not once experienced anything close to this type of response. I have only personally been in 3 or 4 times but have always had a great product, exactly as I expect it.
    As for placing the grounds in the portafilter…that is actually a touchy item. We do this for customers (often referred to as a Cuban Coffee) but it does have the potential to get the sugar in to the espresso machine and cause the next customer to experience the sugar in their drink as well. The only way to guarantee that this doesn’t happen is to backflush the machine after making the drink and this takes time, etc. etc. etc.
    BUT, all of that said, give a customer what they ask for, or find an acceptable means of letting them know why you can’t — respectfully.

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