On the radio this morning we learned that McDonalds will soon introduce coffee bars at all/most of their locations. They intend to “borrow” the barista title and bestow it upon individuals making Big Macs on the side. Sounds yummy (sarcasm).

For more details, including discussion, read about it on Starbucks Gossip.

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  1. I’m not really sure on which level I am more discouraged:

    This is the same restaurant that routinely screws up my breakfast order: now here’s something else to get wrong.

    Or, that they are moving their super-automatic machines out to the front counter, so that I can watch them push the button that says “Make Drink.”

    This is one market research trip that I’m not looking forward to.

  2. hb

    WOW… I really dislike McDonald’s not only because they pay their employees low wages but because they manage to employ people who can’t even add or get an order correct. Now they want us to believe that they can get coffee done correctly. LOL
    I agree with Bill, not looking forward.
    I rather take my chances with starbucks.

  3. Emily

    I’m excited for this barista to come in. I never, and I mean NEVER, eat McDonalds, but I always have a cup of their coffee in my hand.
    Personally, I think that their coffee is way better than any Starbucks has spit out and charged by the bean. It’ll probablly be the same with speciality drinks.

  4. Laurie

    Yuck to ANY corporate coffee! I’m going to stick with independent cafes & coffeehouses. All the corporate coffee places mistreat their employees and just plain rip off their customers. There is a world of difference between a real coffeehouse and fast-food coffee/espresso drinks.

  5. Pierce/Bear

    Ironic about McDonalds:

    Years ago I used to eat there quite often……not anymore.

    As a kid ca. 1970 it was a treat to go there.

    For some reason; I doubt that McDonalds will be a credible competitor.

  6. Don

    No coffee is better than your own home brewed kind.

  7. Emma J

    I think this is a great idea. I am the type of person who eats breakfast at home and will occasionally buy a cup of coffee on the way to work or in the afternoon. I almost NEVER stop in McDonalds for coffee because the wait in line behind everyone else ordering entire meals is far too long. I would visit McDonalds more often if I could just get in, get my coffee and leave.

    I do have to say that McDonalds needs to really work on their new policy of adding the cream and sugar to a customer’s coffee. No matter what restaurant I visit, I always end up with WAY too much cream (especially in iced coffee) and not enough sugar.

  8. Being the owner of a small family coffee cafe and roastery, I get asked almost daily how I feel about
    Mc Donalds making a run for the coffe market. for me the answer is quite simple, look what they did to the hamburger!!