Well the Handpresso sure got a lot of interest. I received an email this morning from a reader named Jay Brewer. Jay sent in a link to a review of the Handpresso which includes photos of the unboxing. Cool stuff, I might just order one of these. Also, here’s a neat video I found online.

Also, the blog Single Serve Espresso is pretty cool.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. swag

    It sure got a lot of interest as it was part of an orchestrated PR campaign, clearly.

  2. In addition to PR, notice how they took high quality product photos and edited some great videos? A lot of companies wouldn’t do all of that stuff, and look how well it has paid off.

    Spending some money on smart marketing clearly pays off. Now if they would just launch an ecommerce site with US dollars.

  3. Yeah, those european cowboys really know their coffee.

    I am curious about the quality of the coffee from it. Looked a little thin in that video but still it would be a cool toy for camping. I usually take my moka pot.