It’s sometimes difficult to find good, real live music events at local coffee shops. I was happy to hear about a monthly music event at Drip Coffee Lounge in the newspaper recently.

Every last Saturday of the month, for the last 3 months and ongoing they have events. There are 3-5 artists each month.

Last Saturdays is the brainchild of local performer Doug Bale, who wanted to start a regular night of laid-back performances.

“I’m 37 now, and I don’t want to bang my head against the door at a rock club where there are crazy metal bands,” Bale said. “People who come here are interested in something new and are interested in actually listening to the music.”

The event is now in its third month and features three to five artists a night that Bale picks.

Bale performs in each showcase and for this month’s event he hosts local musicians Mike Montoya (guitarist/vocalist of Fatigo) and Rocky Yazzie (guitarist/vocalist of Skinwalkers), as well as poet Shawnte Orion.

This is Montoya’s second performance at the showcase, which he said is a good fit for him because he is gearing up to release a solo album. Last Saturdays was Montoya’s first solo performance that he has made recently and he said he enjoys the singer-songwriter vibe because of the relaxed atmosphere.

This month he’ll play a mix of old and new Fatigo songs in addition to his solo material.

Read the rest of the article on AZ Central.

Drip Coffee Lounge
2325 N. Seventh St.
Phoenix, AZ 85006
Phone: (602) 795-9905

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