Brian Shaler recently launched a cool site called My Motivatr, it lets you create your own motivational poster (or if you like, de-motivational poster!). Here’s one that Brian made and shared with me relevant to coffee! You can make your own here.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Hi, You had a fantastic idea starting this blog. On this lazy Sunday morning I was thinking where to go and read a book for a moment, and every nice coffee place I can think about, is at least 7 miles away from me! Why there are so few of them? Does anyone has an answer? When a good new place appears (not necessarily in a strip mall) it immediately becomes popular. So why there are so few of them… My favorite one is Copper Star, and i guess LUX should expand 🙂 I am glad I discovered your blog- I found out about few I am going to visit 🙂 . And there is something about coffee on my blog as well.