Yesterday I visited a new coffee shop in Glendale called Next Coffee Company (I don’t think they have a web site). They’re having a grand opening celebration on April 17th. There were at least 40 people there when I visited yesterday (they opened two weeks ago).

Next Coffee Company
19420 N. 59th Ave.
Building J
Glendale, AZ 85308
Phone: (623) 322-4852

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Javagirl

    This Place is SICK!
    you have got to come and get a coffee
    7:00 pm -10:00 pm

  2. MamaKat

    Yes, she’s right. OPEN MIC NIGHT EVERY SATURDAY! I will be hosting it =]
    * Try the West Valley Mocha, Himalayan Hammer, or Cafe Cubano… my favorites!

    -Mama Kat

  3. Amy

    I was a little disappointed, It was very pricey for what it is, you can go down the way and get Starbucks. The product isn’t in line with the prices.

  4. nick burgess

    My experience at Next has been wonderful. When I arrive at the door, I am greeted by my name! The coffee Americano with 7th Heaven dessert is the tops. Sandwiches are excellent! Try the chicken/grape combo.

    I spend an hour or so every day reading and enjoying my Americano drink at Next.

    If you ever have a problem, simply mention it to Anne or to Courtney and I assure you it will be remedied immediately.

    I guess you can tell I am a big fan.

    Excellent staff, great food & drink and (happily) low music = NEXT

    Nick Burgess
    A fan.

  5. Jane Schell

    This place is fabulous! I am constantly on the lookout for independent coffee houses as I absolutely cannot tolerate Starbucks. Their drinks are consistently inconsistent. I live in Scottsdale and actually drive to Glendale just to get coffee at this place! The staff are exceedingly friendly and the coffee tastes great. I normally have to order a double tall at Starbucks as Starbucks only puts one shot in their talls. Here they automatically make their talls with two shots. Haven’t tried any of their baked goods yet so can’t comment there.
    Highly recommend!

  6. Karl aka: Short in the saddle

    Showed up for open mic last Saturday (Dec 6th). I’m primarily a (has been professional country singer), now doing country and/or light rock. Thanks for the opportunity to get on stage. Plan to be back this Sat, (13 Dec) to do some soft rock and enjoy another cup of yopur fine coffees. Karl B.