Just as I was leaving from my visit to Lola Coffee this morning owner / operator Daniel Wayne stopped me and asked “who are you writing for?” because he had seen me taking photos and video. I mentioned Arizona Coffee (I don’t think he was aware of the site) and he offered to make me something with latte art.

Lola Coffee Phoenix AZ

I accepted and here is my photo. It came out beautifully — he’s obviously talented. In fact, he told me he had won a regional latte art contest last June (I regretfully don’t remember the name of the contest, but he said it’s coming up again in June). I have more photos and coffee pictures which I’ll post soon.

Lola Coffee
4700 North Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone: (602) 265-5652

Arizona Coffee

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  1. That’s a beautiful pour.

    Well, there goes my evil plan of tuning up my latte art skills and taking the valley(s) by storm!
    Muuaah-hah-ha…er… what? Oh… sorry. (dang)