Savaya Coffee Market opened in 2009 in Tucson. It is a combination of coffee shop and coffee education, owned by Burc Maruflu.

The shop came to life with notable murals painted by local artist Jos Villabrille, a long mesquite-wood bar was installed and a six panel chalk board was mounted over the bar. A coffee hobbyist for years, Burc has pursued quality coffee with a passion for the excellent cup. His enthusiasm and love of coffee is exuded through Savaya Coffee Market. Over the past year Savaya has become a gathering place for people with the common interest of drinking great coffee.

Savaya Coffee Market
5350 E Broadway Blvd.
Suite #174
Tucson, AZ 58711
Phone: (520) 747-3200
Twitter: @savayacoffee

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  1. Savaya was my inspiration to the coffee market concept. There you will find a place that is constantly reviewing coffees and trying to connect exotic and rare coffees from around the world with the Tucson community of coffee enthusiasts. The place is also the house of the bean guru (Paul Curtis) that travels through all coffee houses in Tucson and teaches coffee cupping. Savaya is a trip, not the normal coffee shop and they roast extremely fresh coffee with not so dark profiles (Agtron 59 and up some even before second crack), I am sure some of you may like that.

  2. Psyd

    My onliest complaint about Savaya is their labeling. ‘Guetamala’ doesn’t begin to cover where the beans are from. For a place that spectacularly focused on roasting, I’d think that they’d be letting you know which trees on which side of the Finca these beans are coming from.

  3. Lurie Page

    I was not impressed, read all the reviews and very disappointed. I am sure you will not post my comment but you should I drove way out of my way to get a Latte. I could only get a 16oz which was just milky as if no espresso was put in and there is no food. You should really list as a Coffee tasting only. Will not recommend or go again.