press coffee roasters

Press Coffee has quickly been improving the appearance of the shop at Scottsdale Quarter. They got rid of the hospital-green walls, added some new comfy lounge chairs, and have been adding new artwork.

I recently stopped by to take some photos, and am including a few of them here. You’ll notice a few shots of their amazing 3-group Synesso. They have the only one like it in Arizona, and if you’re into gadgets — especially espresso machines — you’ll want to check it out!

What’s different about this machine? They have beautiful digital read-outs and pumps for each group. In addition, they have a sophisticated controller that allows them to adjust the pressure and timing for each group head when pulling shots. I’ve placed additional photos up on Facebook, so you can see all of the specifics!

press coffee roasters

press coffee roasters

press coffee roasters

press coffee roasters

Press Coffee Roasters
(at Scottsdale Quarter)
15279 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Twitter: @PressCoffee

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Psyd

    They have a Synesso Cyncra, which is a modified Hydra wit a pump per group and variable pressure and pressure profiles. I believe (and could be wrong) that Cartel has one as well, in a two group? Cartel/Avenue in Tucson has a reg’lar ole Cyncra three group (which is anything but reg’lar ole), and the corner of University and Park down here has the highest concentration of GB-5’s outside of the San Franciscan Bean Belt. Not that those are Synessos… Synessoes… Synessi? Anyhoo, I just thought that that was really keen.

  2. Presently we are the only ones to have it……unless of course they recently added it. It was still a prototype when we got it back in November. There are a few more modifications then listed above. Stop by and check it out when your in the neighborhood!

  3. kirk

    steve – my wife and i really enjoyed your new spot at the quarter. excellent coffee (easily as good as our former wisconsin java spot), chai was just right, cool environment. prices are more than fair. we’ll be back with other friends and family!

  4. Kirk….Thanks, I appreciate the business!! looking forward to seeing you soon! YOU TOO pSyD

  5. Ryan

    I travel a lot for business and spend a lot of time (and a lot of money) at coffee shops. I was excited to read this review and try something new tonight. I could not believe how coldly I was treated by the young guy that took my order–frigid is more the way to put it. I asked him for a suggestion and left feeling like a stupid idiot based on his cold and impatient interaction.

    Then I sat at the high 4-top closest to the bar and opened my lap top. When he finished my drink, he placed it on the end of the bar (about 3 feet away) and looked over at me and walked away. I had to get up and walk over and get my coffee. What an offense.

    Customer service is so important at all retail, especially at coffee shops. The drink I had was actually pretty good—but I won’t be going back. I don’t deserve to be treated like that—and neither do the readers of this website.

  6. Dave

    Ryan, you have saved me from writing a lengthy review. My wife and I were treated the same way at this Coffee shop. The young lady who served us treated us with the exact same gestures. One would think this must be the way they are training the staff. The coffee I had was great, and extremely low priced… but because of the poor customer service, it’s enough for me to not go back ever.