Can you imagine what a Trenta cappuccino would look like? It would be hilarious.

Arizona Coffee

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  1. Seth

    From my understanding the Trenta is an iced size only and can only be ordered for iced teas and iced coffee. I think AZ has been a test market since sometime last year. While I think this size offering is ridiculous, Starbucks knows that they can’t get away with espresso based beverages in a size this large. I read a number of articles on its national release, with people using stats like “The average adult stomach carries 900 ml, while the Trenta is 916 ml” 0r “A bottle of wine is 750 ml, while the Trenta is 916 ml”. Starbucks has been out of the real specialty coffee game for years, and has since tapped into the American consumerist market to make buku bucks with the help of their branding. I’m not surprised that they are now offering their version of the “Big-Gulp”, Starbucks is well known for making compromises on quality if a number of their customers suggest they want something, even if it is a 31 ounce drink…

  2. Those are some good thoughts, Seth! Thanks for chiming in. I have to say, there is nothing more annoying than paying for a large iced coffee only to be served a cup full of ice and a measuring cup worth of coffee.