What’s the typical caffeinated-beverage consumption for a Arizona Coffee reader? What do you drink in an average day?

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  1. Austin

    well shoot.

    Usually i have a cappuccino in the morning, and now days i will also have one in the afternoon at Cartel. The afternoon cap would normally be an iced mocha, but price becomes an issue.

    Lately I have been mixing it up and getting a toddy since it is so freaking hot out.

    2 – 3 double shots a day is my average consumption.

  2. Brian

    I usually make my own double americano in the morning, then buy a double or triple iced americano over lunchtime, so 4-5 shots of espresso per day.

  3. hb

    I usually have a 3 cups in the morning in a french press that I have at work. Then I have a cappuccino for lunch and for dinner an iced mocha.
    But on deadline week (I work for a national magazine) I will have 2 french presses, plus a couple mochas trough the day. I can get a bit crazy

  4. I usually have a mug of good, fresh ground coffee, black, in the morning, then sip on a 24 oz thermos of the same throughout the day. Usually a smaller cup after dinner. If I’m working on the laptop in a coffee shop I might get something different, a latte or cappuccino depending upon the shop, or I might stick with black coffee if they’re serving a really good, flavorful roast that day.

  5. danny

    i’m light weight. about 2 to 3 travel mugs every work day. my two days off i make a full pot,about 8 cups and they are all mine. cappuccino and mocha are extra treats on rare occasions

  6. I’ll have 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning, and a cappuccino or a latte in the afternoon. If I’m out in the evening I’ll have another cappuccino if a good one is available.

  7. Luz

    usually 1 double-shot americano, sometimes 2.

  8. a giant mug of french press every morning (brewed rather strong), and if i go out to a coffee shop later in the day, an extra dry double cappuccino, no matter the weather.

  9. I didn’t want to answer on twitter 🙂
    -@ home I use n-espresso machine .
    -When I am out Usually I get Cafe Mocca- with Orange flavor .
    -or americano
    – sometimes at home I allow myself to go wild and I make my espresso over two scoops of ice cream. I will add whipped cream and cointreau

    hmmm what I wrote is definitely not average day. average day is one french press /or 3 espresso per day

  10. Dave Brook

    I have two double shot Caps in the morning (at home)

  11. I have coffee a couple of times a week. To fill in the gaps, most days I have unsweetened iced tea. I usually have green tea if available.

  12. Todd

    Well, I will usually brew a full chemex pot in the AM and take it with me to work in a vac thermos. When that is gone (usually by 10:00am) I’ll start drinking the coffee in the office (which is provided whole bean from another reader here and ground on-site). Depending on the workload I’ll have 4 to 7 cups of coffee before I go home at 6:00. I’ll either have one or two caps at night or make another 1/2 chemex pot to go with dinner.

  13. I drink about 3/4 of a pot of coffee each morning. I have been doing that since I can remember. I also love my tea, but usually drink that towards the evening if I have a cup.

  14. RJD

    1-2 cups in the morning. Lately, a 4-shot Iced Mocha has been the A.M. ticket. Usually double-shot mocha around 2pm. Which reminds me…. it’s THAT time. Cheers! 🙂

  15. I milk 1 can of Monster Lo-Carb throughout the morning, which I think is enough for the day. Might have a small coffee in the evening.

  16. Bruce

    During the week I have 1 large coffee and 1 double espresso from LUX. Yum!
    Sat and Sun mornings I make myself a 6 shot cappuccino with fresh ground beans from LUX. Yum!

  17. when I get coffee out somewhere, its usually an americano or double-shot cap.

  18. Mike

    Geeez! There is a huge caffeine addiction out there. This is the 80-20 rule at work. 20% of the people consume 80% of the coffee. No wonder my favorite place ran out of my favorite coffee this week.

  19. Two cups, black, central American, daily.

    Throw in a Cartel cappuccino or Lux drip for good measure.

  20. Austin

    MichaelT, have you been going to cartel?

  21. Uh, earth to Austin, where else would I go in Tempe?

  22. Since I only drink coffee about once a month, I choose to live vicariously through your comments. 🙂

  23. Usually on a normal day 3 cups spread out through out the day but today I had a cup at Borders and only after a few sips it seems I had enough or maybe the coffee wasn’t very good.

  24. Thank you guys for a pretty good focus group about coffee usage.

  25. Two traditional cappas; one first thing after my morning ablutions, and another once I get my day started. I’ll have a third if the evening will be something strenuous or exciting and I’m starting to lose steam. Or, if I just want one.
    I keep thinking I need to stock up on decaf so I can have as many as I want and not have to be concerned about caffeine intake.

  26. Mitch

    Toddy First thing after I get up, then 1-2 lattes once I get to work and an espresso shot after lunch. Sometimes I’ll do chemex after dinner. I think I may have an addiction.

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