I was thinking about creating a blog post that matches coffee shops and restaurants to coffee roasters. I am wondering if this is even useful, though?

For example, it would show the name of a coffee shop and say who the coffee roaster is. Is that useful? Also, I don’t want to do anything that harms coffee roasters. Would that be a bad thing to basically have this info public?

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  1. Not a bad idea. For sure it will show the ones that are using local roasters or out of state ones.

  2. John Doom

    I think it would be a great idea, especially if I find a place that I really like and then I could know what other places that roaster roasts for.

  3. YES. It would be helpful. I am always asking this question and 8 out of 10 times I get “uh, I don’t know.”

    I would consider going to a restaurant if I knew they used a roaster that I like.

  4. Okay, it sounds like the idea I’ll proceed with. It will probably be a post in October or November, as I’ll be working from memory + visiting shops and asking. Plus, there are a bunch of shops that roast their own, and I’d like to indicate if they do.

  5. Get the info, and ask the roaster if you can publish it. Nine times out of ten, I’d bet that the roaster is eager to have the info out there.

    I’d love to know (and most times, here in Tucson, I already do), and it sometimes makes a difference as to what I have where.

    You cold also ask the local roasters who their clients are.