Last Thursday I made a trip down to Cartel Coffee Lab in Tempe on a whim (actually, it was close to another coffee shop and I had to stop in).

My cappuccino. It was quite good.

Best seating area in the place is these leather couches.

Since my last visit, they’ve moved the counter all the way to the back of the shop and I think it works way better. It opened up more space for seating, and opened up the whole place.

Some bags of coffee for sale.

Look who I ran into! Ron Cortez from Cafe Cortez was there when I arrived and we chatted about coffee for an hour with Nate, a guy who was also there enjoying the coffee (he was a regular and I told him he should check out Arizona Coffee, I hope he does).

Cartel Coffee Lab
225 W. University Dr.
Suite #101
Tempe AZ 85281
Phone: (480) 225-3899

Arizona Coffee

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