I had the recent good luck to be in Tempe, AZ and visit the esteemed Crepe Bar for the first time.

Many of you may have visited Crepe Bar before, but for those that haven’t, let me introduce the scene: Think amazing coffee, and then throw in awesome crepes. That’s the experience at Crepe Bar, who serves coffee from Heart Roasters (out of California).


The crew that run Crepe Bar are experienced in the coffee scene. They’ve hosted several coffee latte art throwdown events, and know what they’re doing. The crew includes: Shelby Moore (known as @Shelbinator3000 on Instagram), and Jeff Kraus (on Instagram @GarsDeCrepe). I’m certainly leaving someone out. Let me know and I’ll update this post.

When I recently visited, I remarked on Twitter that they are serving cappuccino’s that are among the best in the valley.

So, how were the crepes? They were awesome! I took two to-go and had them with my wife for lunch. Delicious, fresh, and filling. I’ll definitely be back and telling my friends about Crepe Bar!


They were selling coffee beans from Nom de Plume Roasters while i was there, so I grabbed a bag of the beans. These are the last remaining beans in the store, as Nom de Plume has suspended roasting.


That’s why Crepe Bar is now serving coffee from Heart Roasters. They are located in Oregon.

Getting there

I should note that Crepe Bar is closed on Monday’s.

Crepe Bar
7520 S. Rural Rd.
Tempe, AZ 85283
Phone: (480) 247-8012
Twitter: @crepebar

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  1. david anderson

    hey Chris,

    they may have expanded to CA, but Heart is based in Portland……they are a solid roaster.

    Nice review !

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