Ron Cortez was on LaFusion today. I filmed the spot and you can watch the video below. Great job, Ron!

Arizona Coffee

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  1. My bet is that Ron looked at this and was disappointed at how much great information he gave them that ended up on the edit-room floor. Only because I’ve worked in televisions so many times before!
    Ron, great job! LaFusion, fairly good job.
    Should have suggested what the ‘born on’ date meant, and how long ground and roasted coffee really lasts (like, fifteen days for roasted, and fifteen minutes for ground!)

    I have to say that I got lost a bit on the coffees that you have available, and I’ll bet that their audience was even more lost. Hopefully, that translates into interest, and has people look you up.
    My biggest disappointment was that they opened that true coffee secret up a crack, and then didn’t really tell you where to find out more.
    Ron, here’s hoping that everyone comes to you to find out!

  2. Thank you Mr. Babbie. You are right, there was a lot on info but the segment has to be cut. I started by talking about and they liked the idea of my dad and I being acoffee pickers better. For teaching about coffee we are always open at our warehouse and please stop by next time you are in phoenix.

    • Yeah, TV is all about the story.

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  3. Wow, this is great news!
    Congratulations Ron, we miss your coffee at INZA so bad! That was a great place with great coffee! I will visit your website and order some coffee!
    Best regards

  4. Ron,
    Great job, and Chris Babbie’s right we’ve got a huge topic to cover.
    The editors have time constraints, and the only one that suffers is the consumer.
    We’ve got to figure out a way to bring awarness from the ground to the grounds. We notice that the average coffee client gets a little overwhelmed when marketing terms, or valuation processes are introduced.
    To those of us intimate with this business and who use it’s language it is just “coffee speak”. Explaining great coffee is like interviewing for a job, but you don’t get thirty seconds.
    We have a (printed) spot coming up and Renee and I are struggling with how to say alot, by saying a little. We’re certainly open to suggestion.
    elixer coffee solutions

  5. Thank you Charlie. You guys have a great story and that makes you very credible. You truck is a huge selling point, it is just cool.